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Wilson Racquet Sports is the official provider of tennis racquets and equipment for Serve It UP Tennis Academy.

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Rally the Tennis Turtle reminds everyone to have fun when playing tennis.  Look for Rally at your school this year.  Rally is a big fan of fair play, including all friends and getting great exercise.

“Playing tennis is an excellent way to engage kids in regular physical activity to help them live longer, healthier lives.”

-- American Heart Association

Serve It UP Tennis Academy is the at school, after school tennis program designed to teach children tennis in preschool through 5th grade. Our students receive professional instruction from our certified tennis professionals.  Our fitness portion focuses on building hand-eye coordination and quickness through concentrated footwork.

Serve It UP Tennis Academy was founded in 2010 to give more kids access to tennis and the chance to learn the sport.  By partnering with elementary schools, YMCAs, preschools, Montessoris and Rec Centers they have been able to fulfill this vision.  

“Tennis is an ideal physical education activity for improving wellness and fighting obesity in children.”

-- Cleveland Clinic

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